Who pays for Super Bowl entertainment?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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The NFL or the host city I think

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Q: Who pays for Super Bowl entertainment?
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Who or what was the halftime entertainment at super bowl 3?

Halftime entertainment at Super Bowl III was provided by the Florida A&M Marching Band.

Who is the entertainment for 2012 super bowl?


Who pays the artist in the super bowl?

the hosting stadium

Who was the Super Bowl 2007 entertainment?

Prince performed during the halftime show at the 2007 Super Bowl XLI.

Do the Super Bowl pay to be on tv?

The Television network that wins the Bid to broadcast the Super Bowl pays the NFL. The TV network makes their money through Commercials. The consumer that buys the products from the companies that buy commercial time for the Super Bowl pays for everything.

Who will be performing at Super Bowl 45?

It was announced on Thanksgiving that the Black Eyed Peas will be the halftime entertainment at Super Bowl XLV.

Super Bowl 2008 entertainment?

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Who is sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime entertainment this year?


How is the network for airing the Super Bowl decided?

By a bid for who pays the most

Who will be the Super Bowl 44 half time entertainment?

me alex yates.

How much do they pay the half time entertainment at super bowl?


Who is the entertainment for 2010 for Super Bowl?

The Who!