Who owns blackburn football club?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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It is big Sam allardyce.

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Q: Who owns blackburn football club?
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Which English football club play their home games at Ewood park?

Blackburn Rovers Football Club play at Ewood park.

What is blackburn rovers?

An English football club

Which club did Tugay go to?

After he left Blackburn he retired from football.

When was the Blackburn Rovers Football Club founded?

Blackburn Rovers are a football club that currently plays in the Npower Championship Division. They were founded in 1875 and won the Premier League in the 1994-95 season.

Which football players have moved from blackburn rovers to Chelsea football club?

Graeme Le Saux

What football club does the motto arte et labore belong to?

Blackburn Rovers

Who was blackburn football club manager the last time they won the league?

Kenny Daglish!

In 1995 which football club won the league?

In the season 1994-1995, Blackburn Rovers won the premier league. That title win was their first despite losing their final game of season to Liverpool Football Club by 1-2.

Which football club won the league in 1994 - 1995?

It was Blackburn Rovers. The first small club beside the big four to win it.

Who owns arsenal football club?

Ryan Max Wright

Which football club won the premier league 1995?

Blackburn rovers won in the 94/95 season.

Who owns spartak moscow football club?

Leonid Fedun is the owner