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The Ancient Greeks held the games at Olympus, Greece, thus giving the name 'The Olympic Games'. In 1894, Pierre de Coubertin wanted to continue the Olympics, and named these modern Olympics the 'Modern Olympic Games'.

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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: Who named the Olympic games the Olympic games?
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What is the Olympic Stadium called in London for the 2012 Olympic games?

It is named after the Queen

What chocolate bar was named as the official snack of the 1984 olympic games?

The Snickers bar was the 1984 Olympic games official snack

What was another name for the Olympic games in ancient Greece?

The Olympic games in ancient Greece were originally named after the location of the games which was Olympia. Because of this the games were originally called the Olympiads.

Who was the first person to win the olympic games?

A chef from Ellis named Coroebus

Who are the mascots for the 2018 Olympics?

A white tiger named Soohorang, for the Olympic Games.

Who is responsible for the modern olympic games?

The first modern Olympic games were held in 1896 CE. They were revived by a French aristocrat named Pierre de Coubertin.

Is the summer Olympic games and the Olympic games the same?

Yes. The Olympic Games include the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Summer Olympic Games is said to separate it from the Winter Olympic Games.

Out of the whole world how many Jessicas are competing in the Vancouver 2010 winter olympic games?

there are four people named Jessica competing in the Vancouver 2010 winter Olympic games.

What Olympic games were cancelled because of the Olympic games?

the olympic games, of course!

What does Olympic greek games mean?

titans means big huge because they named the titanic after them

Where were the 1993 Olympic games?

There were no Olympic games in 1993. There were summer Olympic games in 1992 and 1996. There were winter Olympic games in 1992 and 1994.

Why its named Olympic?

because the original olympic games were held every year in a city called Olympia - in either Greece or Italy (i think Greece)

What are the London 2012 Olympic games mascots named after?

"Wenlock" is named after the town of Much Wenlock where an Olympian Games were held from 1850, it is believed that these were the inspiration for the modern Olympic Games. "Mandeville" refers to Stoke Mandeville Hospital which organised the Stoke Mandeville Games in 1948 which was a competition for injured soldiers. This competition was a forerunner to the Paralympics.

1978 Olympic games?

There were no Olympic Games in 1978

How are the Olympic games similar to your Olympic games?


Who was the first person to score a perfect 10 in Gymnastics at the Olympic Games?

A Romanian named Nadia Commenci

What is the root word for Olympic?

The Greeks named the Olympic Games after the pleasant valley of Olympia beside the River Alpheus in Elis, where the contests began as religious celebrations.

What is the governing body of the Olympic Games?

The organizer of the Olympic Games is the International Olympic Committee.

Who organizes the Olympic Games?

IOC (International Olympic Committee) organizes the Olympic Games

What is the abbreviation of the Olympic games?

SOly- Stands for 'Summer Olympic Games' WOly- Stands for 'Winter Olympic Games'

Where is the next Olympic games after Beijing?

After the olympic games in Beijing the next olympic games are in London, England in 2012

How did Greece Olympic games influence US Olympic games?

their are no us olympic games its a international thing stupid

How many different olympic games are there?

36 olympic games

Who hosted the 2005 Olympic games?

There were no Olympic Games in 2005

Were did the Olympic games come from?

Olympic games originated from Greece.

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