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They both moved after the 1957 season. Brooklyn Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley persuaded New York Giants Horace Stoneham to transplant their National League rivalry to the West Coast. The Dodgers moved to Los Angeles and the Giants settled in San Francisco.

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Q: Who moved first the sf giants or dodgers from new york?
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What year did dodgers and giants leave new york?

The Dodgers and Giants last season in New York was 1957.

When did the Giants move to San Francisco?

The Giants first season in San Francisco was 1958.

What was the first California Major League Baseball team?

Major LeagueBaseball was first played on the West coast in 1958 by the Los Angeles Dodgers (who moved from Brooklyn) and the San Francisco Giants (who moved from New York City).

How many pro teams have moved out of New York city?

The Giants and Dodgers baseball teams and the Jets and Giants football teams

Where were the giants before they moved to San Francisco?

The Giants were known as the New York Giants before they and their crosstown rival, the Brooklyn Dodgers, both moved out west to California.

What two baseball teams were granted permission to relocate from New York to California?

The Brooklyn Dodgers move to Los Angeles and the New York Giants moved to San Francisco to begin play in 1958.

Which state in the us is home to 2 baseball teams in 1952?

The New York Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers were both located in the same state in 1952, until the NY Giants moved to San Francisco in 1957. The Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in the same year, (1957).

When did the Giants first move to San Francisco?

The Giants moved from New York to San Francisco after the 1957 season. The team played its first regular-season game at Seals Stadium on Tuesday, April 15, 1958, defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers 8 to 0. The Dodgers, who were longtime rivals of the Giants as Brooklyn's National League team, also moved to the West Coast after the 1957 season. Tuesday, April 15, 1958, , Seals Stadium

Where did the mets start?

New york was yearning for a new team once the New York Giants moved to San Francisco and The Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles....the mets, or the metropolitans, replaced the two relocated teams by using the old Giants ny logo on the hat, and using Dodger blue and Giants orange as team colors

What year did Brooklyn Dodgers leave New York City?

The Dodgers final season in Brooklyn was 1957.

What was the name of the first New York baseball team?

It was actually the New York Knickerbockers, but besides them it was either the Dodgers, Giants or Yankees.

Who is dodgers riveal?

The san francisco giants and New York Yankees