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The site is intended for Europeans who follow the sport of soccer or futbol as they call it in Europe.

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Q: Who might be interested in the site gazetta dello sport?
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Where can one find information about La Gazetta Dello Sport?

One can find information about La Gazetta Dello Sport from their website or Wikipedia. La Gazetta Dello Sport is an Italian newspaper to provides coverage of various sports.

What colour jersey does the leader wear in giro di italia?

The leader is given a pink jersey to wear. It is pink because the newspaper that started the Giro (La Gazetta dello Sport) was printed on pink paper.

When was La Gazzetta dello Sport created?

La Gazzetta dello Sport was created on 1896-04-03.

Does Gazzetta Dello Sport sell trainers?

I read all of the information that was written in English about Gazzetta dello sport and I couldn't find anything that implied that Dello Sport had any type of trainers for sale.

What actors and actresses appeared in Tontolini fa dello sport - 1911?

The cast of Tontolini fa dello sport - 1911 includes: Polidor as Tontolini

What is the gazzetta dello sport?

The Gazzetta Dello Sport is an Italian sporting news outlet. It covers a variety of different sports in Italy, including football, tennis and cycling.

Where is the Corriere Dello Sport based out of?

The Corriere Dello Sport is a daily Italian sports newspaper which is based in Rome, Italy. It is the fourth most read sports daily newspaper in the country.

Where can one get a cop of the Gazzeta Dello Sport?

One can look at a Gazzeta Dello Sport in some libraries or purchase them from a newsagent that deals with imported papers. Alternatively one can download the digital version to a tablet from their app.

Where is the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport published?

La Gazzette dello Sport is published in Italy and has worldwide circulation. It is a daily paper that covers world news, entertainment, sports, financial information and regional events.

What has the author Gerardo Ottani written?

Gerardo Ottani has written: 'Medicina dello sport'

Is there an English edition of the Gazzetta Dello Sport Italian newspaper available anywhere?

I have not found an English edition of the Gazzetta Dello Sport Italian newspaper anywhere. That's not to say it doesn't exist, though. Perhaps a version of it is online electronically.

What is the circulation of gazzetta dello sport?

While I don't speak the language, it appears La Gazzetta dello Sport is an Italian newspaper with over four million readers. This is according to information from May, 2010 which is the most recent I could find.

What is the best deal on Gazzetta Dello Sport products?

The best deal on the Gazzetta Dello sports products is the Apple Android. This is one of the hottest products available and it is one of the best products now.

Where can you purchase a Gazzetta Dello Sport training center membership?

La Gazzetta Dello Sport is an Italian sports newspaper, and does not appear to have a training centre, or any kind of membership program. Telephone the newspaper headquarters and enquire as to the availability of the membership, to see if it exists and if you can purchase it.

Can a person living in the US get a subscription to Gazzetta Dello Sport?

Residents anywhere in the United States can subscribe to Gazzetta Dello Sport. You can also find an English language version of the Italian newspaper online, though it contains far less material than the printed version.

Why don't people feel like doing sport?

some people can feel lazy and might not like is simply because they are not interested

What is the sport a player might bogey?

A player might bogey in the sport of golf.

What does a person have to do to play a sport?

try out for a sport and you might get it

Why are people interested in sport?

Sport brings people together, creates love, and eliminates racial discrimination.

What is the purpose of gaming?

to have fun to lie around getting fat if you're not very good at sport and that you might try gaming if your good at if you have a talent but if you have a prop with gaming you are strange it is to get you interested in things such as sport games that can get you in real life activities.

What is a good book for a fifth grader to read?

A fifth grade boy is probably interested in action/adventure books, or sport books. A fifth grade girl is probably interested in a drama or friendship novel. Some might also me interested in romance. For romance, I recommend the twilight series.

What sport should teenagers play?

It really depends on you personality and what your interested in.

What is gazzetta dello sport and what does it do?

Gazzetta dello Sport is a newspaper from Italy that focuses on Sports. You can find information about upcoming sporting events as well as scores from sporting events which you may have missed. This sports newspaper is printed in Italian, so it may be difficult to understand if you do not know Italian. This newspaper is distinct in that it is printed on pink paper and helps to organize some sporting events like the Tour of Italy.

Do boys like cheerleaders more than football?

i believe that boys only like the cheerleaders not the sport its self. some boys might like it but they are more interested in football

Your preteen cant find anything to do?

Ask your preteen if there is anything that he or she is interested in learning more about. They might be happier if they started playing a sport or signed up for a class (such as dance or martial arts).