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the goalie only

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Q: Who may enter the goalie box in hockey?
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In soccer does a goalie have the right to check opposing players that are inside his goal box like a hockey goalie can?

The goalie does have a right to "check" another player, but it can not be compared to what it is like in hockey. You must keep your arms down and you may not kick them, but as to the fact about being inside the box, you will lose your rights of aggression once you step outside the 18 yard line (box) and the ref can call the golie for cheaking a player if its not legel

The goalie may stop the puck with their hands in hokey?

No in hockey goalkeepers can not use their hands.

Are ice hockey rules the same as field hockey rules if not what are the differences?

Aside from the fact that a stick is used to manipulate an object into a goal, which a goalie may or may not be defending, and that they are both called hockey, there are no similarities in the two rulesets.

In soccer can the goalie push an opponent while the opponent is in the goalie box?

A goal keeper may not push another player anywhere on the field.

May a goalie outside the box kick it into the box then handle the ball?

No that is not aloud and would most likely be called as handball.

What are rules for soccer goalie?

1) the goalie may pick up/touch the ball with his hands only within his box, he then must either throw it or punt it to another player 2) the goalie may move/kick the ball outside of his box, but he cannot touch the ball with his hands 3) a goalie may not pick up a ball kicked to him by one of his own teammates- he must kick it back out to someone else, if he does not, the opposing team will get a penalty kick

What does 'in net' mean hockey?

In net refers to where the goalie will play. A coach may tell one of the two goalies who is starting by saying to them that they are in net.

What does util stand for in fantasy hockey?

That depends on which league you are in. It may stand for utility player, which would mean you can put any non-goalie in that slot.

In field hockey what is the goal keepers ball called?

You may be comparing the goalie kick of soccer. The equivalent in field hockey would be the '16-yard hit'; this is not taken by the goalie but by a defender. There are also some major differences; the ball is placed level with the top of the circle, in line with where it went out, and is played the same way as a free hit would be.

How many palyer in hockey?

12 people are on the ice at the same time (with exeptions of penalties and overtime) 5 players for each team and 1 goalie for each team. But a team may pull their goalie and add one more skater if they really need a goal.

How many players aside in hockey?

5 players and a goalie, but a team may pull the goalie if they desire. There are usually 3 forwards: left wing, center, right wing and 2 defensemen: left defense, and right defense

Can a hockey player cover a puck on the goalies back?

Not with his hand if the goalie is in the crease. However, a player may fall (lay) on his goaltender, inadvertently covering the puck with his body.

How does a hockey goalie use the bathroom in the middle of a game?

This may sound gross, but older NHL players used to go in their pants. Others simply hold it in. Sadly, there is currently no easy solution to this problem.

Where is Bauer hockey's factory?

I sent a goalie stick through my Division 1 college team to the Bauer Factory in Greenland, NH. There may be others as well, but there is one in New Hampshire for sure.

Does it hurt the goalie to get hit with a hockey slap shot in the chest protector?

well, kinda. if it is you that got hurt, it should probably sting. you may or may not have a bruise, depending on how much force was put into the slap. Hope it helps!

How many players are on a ice hockey team?

Each team roster in the NHL is limited to 23 players, 20 of whom may "dress" to play in a game (18 players and 2 goalies). The number of players on the ice for each team is nominally 6, five and the goalie, but this may be reduced by penalty. Teams cannot have fewer than 4 players including the goalie.

What happens if a Soccer goalie drops ball while attempting a punt?

If it is inside the box, then he can grab it and punt it again. if it is outside the box, he can use his feet but not his hands. Also, if he drops it, opposing players may attack the ball and attempt to score.

What are 3 rules for soccer?

3 rules for soccer are: 1.u can not use ur hands unless u r a goalie or throwing the ball in 2.the goalie may not use their hands if they r out of the 18 yard box 3.if the ball passes the goal line it is counted as a goal even if the goalie catches the ball in the goal

Who designed the 2008 hockey goalie mask?

Technically every NHL goalie designs his own to best fit his need for comfort, visibility, and style. That's why you see some goalies like Dominik Hasek who have very unique goalie masks. The outside design of the goalie mask is purely aesthetic and is often times picked specifically depending upon the match being played. Important dates in team history may effect the outside design of the mask/helmet but some goalies just like their helmet to be flashy and have an artistic design on the outside.

How many members can play hockey and ice - hockey?

There can be as many as five people one the ice at a time (six including the goalie). The number of team members can vary depending on the team and regulations for the league. Some teams prefer to have 20 people on their team with a few alternates and some may choose to have 15 people on their team with no alternates.

What is the name of the Excel dialog box that helps to enter functions correctly?

It is known as the Insert Function dialog box. You can get help from it and information on the arguments it may have.

If the offense is taking a shot at the goal how many people is allowed in the goalie box?

This depends on how the shot is being taken and what this "goalie box" is. If this is a penalty kick, the only players allowed in the penalty area (the larger of the two rectangular areas or "boxes" that surround the goal) are the goalkeeper, or goalie, and the player taking the kick. If this is not a penalty kick, there is no limit to the number of defenders anywhere near the goal. These players still cannot use their hands though and if someone were to block a shot with their hands, they may be red carded, or removed from the game. I hope this answers your question.

Whats better a bigger goalie or a smaller goalie?

The answer is simple. The taller goalie may take up more space but the smaller one can be better at the game. Its not as much height but skill.

What is a hockey dad?

A hockey dad is a father who may or may not have a child in the game of hockey, but does watch the sport enthusiastically.

What can a goalie do during a soccer game?

I'm one of the best people to help answer that, since I've been a goalie for years. Goalies, as you probably know already, defend the goal. They are the only players that are allowed to block the ball with their hands. They must stay inside their penalty box. Here's a cool thing we can do: Goalies CAN step outside their box, but cannot touch the ball with their hands. They may kick the ball into the penalty box and then pick it up and throw/kick it back down the field. Hope this helps!