Who marks goal shooter?

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the goal keeper would mark the goal shooter

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Q: Who marks goal shooter?
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Who does goal keeper mark in netball?

The goal keeper marks the Goal Shooter (GS). Her job is to stop the GS from scoring! :)

Positions of the netball team?

goal shooter. GS goal attack. GA wing attack. WA centre. C wing defence. WD goal defence. WD goal keeper. GK GS marks GK GA marks GD WA marks WD C marks C hope this helped x

What is the difference between goal keeper and goal shooter?

a goal keeper saves the ball and the goal shooter shoots the ball

Can the wing attact goal shooter and goal attact stand together when it is there teams centre?

the wing attack and goal attack can. not the goal shooter...

Who marks who in netball?

goal defence marks goal attack goal keep marks goal shoot wing defence marks wing attack and centre marks the opposing centre

What players can shot in netball?

Goal Attack and Goal Shooter

Who can shoot at the goal in net ball?

The Goal Shooter and Goal Attack can shoot.

Where can the goal shooter go in netball?

the goal shooter can go into the shooting circle and up to the transverse line closes to their hoop.

Is the goal counted if the ball passed between the goal keeper and goal defence is tipped by the goal shooter and the ball passes through the hoop?

yes because the goal shooter touched it with her hands by mozz and melz

What are the players on a netball that can score?

There are two: Goal Shooter and Goal Attack.

What center do you have to be in netball?

It depends what you are e.g. Goal shooter, Goal keeper.

Who can shot in netball?

In netball, the goal shooter and the goal attack can shoot.

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