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the goal shooter in Netball is only allowed to stay in the end they're team is shooting and is not allowed to come in the middle third! the shooter can shoot in the goal and can defend the ball when they miss their goal.! they also have a defender which is called a GK and the GK is usually instructed to follow every move the GS makes!! so you have to try and trick them!

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Q: What does the Goal shooter do in Netball?
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Who marks goal shooter in netball?

the goal keeper would mark the goal shooter

What players can shot in netball?

Goal Attack and Goal Shooter

What are the players on a netball that can score?

There are two: Goal Shooter and Goal Attack.

What center do you have to be in netball?

It depends what you are e.g. Goal shooter, Goal keeper.

What positions can you score goals at netball?

Goal Attack and Goal Shooter.

What two positions are you able to shoot from in netball?

Goal attack and goal shooter

What position does maria tutaia play in netball?

goal attack and goal shooter

What is the playing position of the goal shooter in netball?

Attaking goal third including goal circle

Who is aloud in the shotting area in netball?

gs - goal shooter gk - goal keeper

Who are the top 5 netball players?

the goal shooter, goal attact, goal keeper, goal diffence, center

How do you play GA in netball?

well GA is goal attack therefore you are a shooter. unlike goal shooter you can move to the centre third though

Is Irene van Dyk a goal shooter in netball?

She plays goal shoot and the occasional goal attack position