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The Ravens have faced the Titans 3 times in the playoffs, the most memorable being their victory in Tennessee during the 2000 season playoff run toward their Super Bowl XXXV win.

The Ravens currently lead the Titans in playoff wins, 2 games to 1. The Titans beat the Ravens in the 2009 playoffs.

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Q: Who many times have the raven played the titans in the playoffs?
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How many times have the colts and titans played each other?

36 times in the regular season, once in the playoffs.

How many times have the Tennessee Titans made it to the super bowl?

They went to the playoffs six times as the Titans and fifteen times as the Houston Oilers.

How many times have the tennesse titans made the playoffs?

Since moving to Tennessee they have made the playoffs six times - 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2008. Their record in the playoffs is 5-6.

How many Super Bowls has the Tennessee Titans played in?

One. On January 30, 2000, the Tennessee Titans were defeated by the St. Louis Rams, 23-16, in Super Bowl XXXIV at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. The Titans ended the game a yard short of a winning touchdown.

How many times have the Chiefs played in the playoffs as of 2010?

16 times

How many times have the Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots played against each other?

They have played 37 times all time. The Patriots have won 21 times the Titans have won 15 times and there has been 1 tie

How many times have the Tennessee Titans and the Washington Redskins played against each other?

11 times - the Titans have a 6-5 record against the Redskins.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets have played each other two times in the playoffs. The Steelers won both games.

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How many times have the ravens played the New England Patriots in playoffs?

Three times - the Ravens have won twice.

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