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Hamilton Tailoring in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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The jackets are made by Hamilton Tailoring in Cincinnati

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Q: Who makes the green jacket for the masters?
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What do you win in the masters?

Green jacket

What was the name of the Canadian golfer that won a green jacket in 1994?

What Green jacket are you talking about? It wasn't the Masters.

Why do they wear green jackets for winning the masters?

The green jacket, actually a blazer, is the official jacket of members of Augusta National Golf Club. The winner of the masters becomes an honorary member and is therefore awarded a green jacket of his own.

Which color jacket does the Masters' winner receive?


The Green Jacket' is presented to the winner of which sporting event?

The Masters

Who was the first player to win the Masters green jacket?

SAm Snead

Can golfers get two green jackets?

They get a green jacket every time they win The Masters, they can have as many as they win.

Who presents the green jacket to the us masters winner?

The head master of the golf club.

What is the name of the trophy for the US masters golf tournament?

There is no trophy, the winner receives the green jacket.

Who was First winner of the masters golf tourney?

Gene Sarazen

Who has the most green Masters jackets in golf?

As of April 2014, Jack Nicklaus has won the most Masters, therefore, has the most green jackets. He has 6 green Masters jackets. The last jacket was awarded to him when he was 46 years, 82 days old in 1986. This made him the oldest winner in Masters history.

Why does the winner of the Masters Golf Tournament get the 'Green Jacket'?

It is a tradition of the Masters Golf Tournament since 1949. The green coat is the official attire of the Augusta National Golf Club. When players win the Masters they become members of the exclusive club for a lifetime. For a year after winning the Masters the champion keeps the jacket. After that they return it to the club where it stays until they return to play. The winner of the tournament in the previous year puts the jacket on the new winner by tradition.