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A Baseball player does.

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Q: Who makes more money the president of the US or a baseball player?
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How much money a baseball player makes?

I think a baseball player makes about 1,000.

What baseball player makes the most money?

Tiger Woods is a pimp

How much money does a pro baseball player makes?

Around 1.4m

Who makes more money baseball or basketball players?

A baseball player makes more money then a basketball player... most money payed for a baseball player right now is 30.5 mill for Alex Rodriguez. Most for a basketball player this year(2007-08) is 21 mill for Kevin Garnet!

Which baseball player makes the most money?

edwardo garcia's MOM XD

How much money does a baseball player make by their merchandise?

The money a baseball player makes by their merchandise depends on a couple of factors such as specific merchandise and the number of players to divide the revenue with. As of 2013, a baseball player earned as much as $100,000 by their merchandise.?æ

What sports athlete makes the most money yearly?

baseball player u half a meetball

Who makes more money baseball or football players?

Baseball makes money than football

Who makes more money a basketball player or a baseball player or football?

its a baseball player bcuz theres no slarie cap in baseball and theres one in football so it cant be a football player and no ones cares about basketball so baseball

Who makes the most money in the US besides the president?

The president doesn't make money.

What player makes the most money in Major League Baseball?

Alex Rodriguez. His 2009 salary was $33,000,000.

Which baseball player make a lots of money?

Alex Rodriguez makes roughly 25k per year

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