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david beckhamDavid Beckham ofcouse cuz he iz English Alex Rodriguez is americian and silly
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Q: Who makes more money david beckam or Alex Rodriguez?
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Does david beckam play for money or love of soccer?

His main reason is for money, though no doubt he enjoys playing.

How much money does Beckam make?

David Beck-ham makes 57 million (AUS dollars) dollars a year is the worlds highest paid soccer player.

Which althetle makes the most money?

Tiger Woods (golf) and Alex Rodriguez (baseball)

Who gets paid more Cristiano ronaldo oh messi?

To be honest i like leonel messi better. But Cristiano ronaldo makes more money by the fact that he makes so many commercials and advertises many brands.

Who makes the most money on the New York Yankees?

Alex Rodriguez has the highest salary on the Yankees. He makes $33 million a year.

Who makes more money David Beckham or Peyton Manning?

david beckham

Which baseball player make a lots of money?

Alex Rodriguez makes roughly 25k per year

Who makes the most money in the us?

David Beckham.

How much money does Paul Rodriguez make in a year?

P. Rod makes about 6 figures in a good year.

What professional baseball player makes the most money?

For the 2009 season Alex Rodriguez made the highest salary at $33,000,000.

Who made the most money in MLB?

alex rodriguez

How much money does David Letterman make per year?

David letterman makes 40 million a year