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a chef

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Q: Who makes more money a football player or a chef?
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Who makes more money a pastry chef or a cook chef?

pastry chef

Who makes more money UPS driver or a chef?

a chef

Who makes more money a teacher or chef?


What former rangers football player is now a top chef?

Gordon Ramsay

How much money does a chef in Canada earn?

In Canada an average Master Chef makes around $20,687-$82,412

Who makes more money a doctor or chef?

a doctorAnswer:There is no continuous scale for salaries. A good chef can make more money than a inept doctor.

How much money does a master chef earn?

A master chef makes an average of $79,000 - $120,000 in 1-4 years

How much money would a Culinary Chef make per?

The average culinary chef makes around 50,000 dollars a year. Further training can result in a chef becoming a head chef or an expert in a certain field like a dessert chef.

Why did chef ramsay become a chef?

because he couldnt play football

What is a pastry chef?

a chef in a restaurant that makes deserts.

How much does an inexperienced chef make on average?

The amount of money that an inexperienced chef makes $10 to $14 on average. For experienced chefs, they earn as much as $20 per hour.

Who went home tonight on Dancing with the Stars?

the football player Micheal and Anna and the iron chef America Mark and his partner Lacey

How much money does a personal chef makes?

Up to 60k a year or more depending on work ethic and skill level.

How much does the presindent chef make?

The White House chef makes between 80 and 100,000 USD annually. However, evidence from past presidential chef interviews highlights that they took the position not for the money, but for the honor of serving the first family.

How much more money does a chef make than a cook?

A chef is a more sophisticated character. Therefore, a chef would work in mostly high maintenance places for instance a high class restaurant, even a personalchef. A cook on the other hand, works in mostly a Fast Food Chain Eat-Out, a drive-in mostly, or a diner. Chef is to book, as chef is to magazine. Meaning, they are similar, but yet totally different. I do not know exactly what the difference in money made. But for every 20 plates of food a chef hands out, it is 5 dollars. And for every 20 dishes a cook makes, it is 2.50. So i could conclude, that a chef makes 2x more money than a cook. Hope that helped you!

What chef is linked to norwich city football team?


What makes a good chef?

self motivation.

What do you call a person who makes desserts?


What do you call a chef who makes sauces?


How much money does a chef earn in New York?

around 50,000 as the top chef

What does a pastry chef do?

A pastry chef makes pastries, which are baked things like pies and tarts.

How much money does a pastry chef makes?

Partially it depends on where you work. A job in a big city can pay more than a job in a suburb. With that being said you should make about $27,000 a year to start as a pastry chef.

What does a chef potager do?

the potager makes the soups.

How much do a sous chef makes?

12.00$ an hour

How much does a pastry chef make in an hour?

an executive pastry chef makes from 44,516 to 66,693 a year