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the first black person who played Basketball

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Q: Who made the first slam dunk in basketball?
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What do you need to do a slam dunk?

To slam dunk, you need a basketball and a basketball hoop. The definition of a slam dunk is pushing the ball through a basketball hoop.

In which sport do players slam dunk?

The slam dunk is done in basketball. It is where a player slams a ball through the basketball hoop (thus, a slam dunk). No other sport has this.

Do slam dunk contests follow the traditional rules of basketball?

no..because it is only a slam dunk..not a basketball game..

Who was the first person to slam dunk a basketball in the ABA?

George gervin

Who was the first person to slam dunk a basketball in the WBA?

maiklas vasiliauskas was the frst women to slam in the wba

Who was the first person to slam dunk a basketball in the Philippine basketball association?

It was Fernandez way back in the 80s

In which sport might you slam dunk?

You would only slam dunk in basketball.

What is a jam in basketball?

Slam dunk

In which sport can you slam dunk a basket?


Which sport involves the slam dunk?


In which sport can you slam dunk basket?


In which sport do you use a slam dunk?


Who won the very first slam dunk contest in the history of professional basketball?

Julius eriving

Who was the first woman to slam dunk in Olympics?

Elizabeth Cambage was the first woman to slam dunk in the olympics. She also got that slam dunk for Australia. yeh yeh

In which sport would you find a slam dunk?


How do you do a slam dunk in basketball?


How many points is a slam dunk in a pro basketball game?

A dunk is worth 2 points

Year slam dunk became illegal?

The slam dunk has never been against the rules, or 'illegal' in the National Basketball Association. However, the NCAA made dunking against the rules in college games from 1967-1976.

Forcefully pushing a basketball through a basketball loop from above is called...?

slam dunk

What is the proper definition of slam dunk?

A slam dunk is a basketball shot. In order to perform one, the player has to jump and then manually put the ball through the basket, while one (or both) hands are over the rim. The slam dunk was formerly known as dunk shot.

How is muscular power used in basketball?

when performing a slam dunk

What is the height of a 4th graders basketball goal?

to do a slam dunk

Who was the first person to slam dunk a basketball?

== == It was probably an Oklahoma college player named Bob Kurland in 1945.

In which sport might you do a slam dunk?

You would do a slam dunk in basketball.

Who was the first women to make a slam dunk?

The first woman to be credited with a slam dunk is West Virginia's Georgeann Wills on Dec. 21, 1984: vs. Charleston in an NCAA Division I Women's Basketball game. The first WNBA player to dunk was Lisa Leslie, who did it against the Miami Sol on July 30, 2002.