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When Kobe was on a fast break. he did a under the legs dunk

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Q: What is the best dunk Kobe Bryant?
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When did Kobe Bryant first dunk?


Did Kobe Bryant do a 720 dunk?

yes he did

What competitions have Kobe Bryant been in?

he was in the dunk contest

What dunk did Kobe Bryant execute to win the slam dunk contest?

900 degrees dunk

What year did Kobe Bryant win dunk contest?


Who won the dunk contest in the 1997 season?

Kobe Bryant

Did Kobe Bryant dunk over Yao Ming?


What year did Kobe Bryant win the slam dunk contest?


Has anyone blocked a Yao Ming dunk?

Yes, Kobe Bryant has.

What year did Kobe Bryant win the nba slam dunk?

in 2004

When did Kobe Bryant win the dunk contest?

He has won it in Cleveland and has won it in the year of 1998.

Is Kobe Bryant a good dunker?

I think Yes, because he did the first Elbow Dunk =)

What is the best website to find Kobe Bryant facts?

Kobe Bryant biography

Is job Bryant is Kobe Bryant?

His dad's name is Joe Bryant and his son is the best NBA player, Kobe Bryant

What are some of Kobe Bryant's accomplishments?

5 championships 1 x dunk contest winner

Why does Kobe Bryant pull his jersey to the side after a made shot or dunk?

its a habit of his. nothing more.

Who is the best player in the nba your friend says it is Kobe Bryant but you think it Michael Jordan?

Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant

Does Kobe Bryant have the best IQ?


What is Kobe Bryant achievement?

To be the best

Who is the best laker?

Kobe Bryant

Who is the best of the lakers?

Kobe Bryant

Who is the best at the NBA?

Kobe Bryant

Who NBA player is the best in the NBA?

Kevin durant and kobe bryant are the best scorers and kobe bryant is probably the best in the overall

Why is Kobe Bryant a star?

He has had 81 points in a game. He won 4 titles. He has won a slam dunk challege. He was the 2nd youngest player to get 22,000 points Kobe is the best NBA player

Who is richer Kobe Bryant or Lil' Wayne?

i think it is Kobe Bryant cause he is the best i think its Kobe Bryant because he is worth way more money.