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Joseph H. Shockley made the first Baseball in 1860.

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Q: Who made the first baseball and when?
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What was the first baseball bat made out of?

the first baseball bat was made out of wood

The first baseball ever made?

The first baseball ever made was made in the year of 1857. It was introduced at the first baseball convention which was held in New York City.

What was made first football or baseball games?

Baseball made games first, around 1850.

What year was the first wooden baseball bat made?

The first wooden baseball bat was made in the 1850's

Why was the first baseball bat made?

The first baseball bat was made because, kids just played witha stick and rock but now they can play baseball.

Where was the first baseball bat made and who made it?

It was made in Fiji

What was the first baseball made of?

I think they were made out of wood.AnswerI believe that the first baseball was made out of horsehide. But who knows?

What type of wood was the first baseball bat made of?

The first pro bat was made of white ash.

What was the first baseball bat made of?


What were the first baseball caps made of?


Where was the first baseball bat made at?

The first bat is made in Fiji. Sorry I wrote BB before by accident.

When was the first baseball made?

It was first made in 1762 by Walter Roberts and man living in New York at the time.

Where was the first Baseball Bat made in the U.s?

It was made in the 1800's and it was made in New Jersey.

Where was the baseball first made?

Joseph H. Shockley made it in New York.

Who was the first person to make a baseball bat?

Christopher Ray Cantu was the first peron to make a baseball bat. It was made out of wood.

Who made the first baseball bat?

John Hillerich

What material was used for the first baseball made?


What was the first made on Roblox?

The first what? First gear was Brigand's Sword. First hat was the Red Baseball Cap.

How was the first wooden baseball bat made?

very well

What company made the first baseball bats?

Louisiville slugger

What state was the first baseball bat made in?

Louisville, KY

What percentage of outs in baseball game are made at first base?

I would say from all my score keeping stats about 10.6 out are made at first

What is the history of the baseball cap?

The baseball cap was originally invented in Europe somewhere in the west. The first baseball caps had a strap of cow hide to keep them on. It is thought that they were first made in the 1890's.

Who was the first black baseball player to be featured on a baseball card?

== == Jackie Robinson was the first card in color but he was no the first baseball player. The frist player was William Edward White in 1879 and Moses Fleetwood Walker had the first Card made. He lived from 1857 to 1924.

Who made the first metal baseball bat?

In 1924 a patent was issued to William Shroyer for the first metal baseball bat. Despite this early patent, metal bats were not seen in the game of baseball until 1970, when Worth introduced the games first aluminum baseball bat.