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Q: Who made second fastest century in one day internationals?
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Who made the Fastest century in the world cup?

Kevin O'Brien made the fastest century?

Who has made the second fastest century in test cricket?

in 57 balls by Adam Gilchrist against England.

Who made the first century in One Day Internationals?

Demis Amiss of England scored the first century of ODI against Australia in 1972 at Old Trafford. This was the second official ODI match. Amiss scored 103 runs for England.

Is koeinisnegg second fastest car?

No, the Bugatti Veyron is the second fastest car ever made.

Who made fastest double century in cricket?

virender sehwag

Who is the second fastest Century maker in all the cricket world cup in how many balls?

Matthew Hayden made 2nd fastets century against South Africa in 2007 on 66 balls.

Whose cricketer make the fastest test century in the world?

Sahid afradi of pakistan has made the fastest century in world in just 37 balls.

Who made the fastest century in Cricket World Cup?

kevin o'brien

Which player made the fastest half century in cricket worldcup?

Brendon McCalen

Why did don bradman become a sir?

because he had made record of fastest century

Who made the first century in T-20 Internationals?

Chris Gayle of West Indies scored the first ever century in T-20 against South Africa in 2007; the first T-20 World Cup.

Fastest hundred in history of cricket?

Sir Viv Richards of West Indies has made fastest test century from 56 balls against England in 1985-86 at ST.John's. This record is fastest century by ball. If you see my minutes than it's Jack Gregory of Australia against South Africa. He made his century in 70 minutes in 1921-22 at Johannesburg.

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