Who led the NCAA in points for basketball in 1982?

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Q: Who led the NCAA in points for basketball in 1982?
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What individual led the nation in ppg for men's ncaa basketball this season?

Virginia Military Institute

What college basketball team did Magic Johnson lead to NCAA?

Ervin "Magic" Johnson led the Michigan State Spartans to an NCAA National Championship in 1979.

What Nugget led the basketball league in scoring in 1982 and 1983?

Alex English

What team won the NCAA tournament in 1979?

Michigan State led by Earvin "Magic" Johnson won the 1979 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament over Indiana State and Larry Bird.

Who was most outstanding player of the NCAA Atlanta regional and led Duke to the final four?

Basketball's Luol Deng played one year at Duke before going pro, but during that year he averaged 30.1 minutes and 15.5 points.

Which father and son led their teams to the NCAA title by scoring 26 points in the final game?

Bobby and Pat Knight

Who won the 1995 NCAA mens basketball championship?

UCLA won the 1995 NCAA Men's National Championship. They were led by future NBA performers Ed O'Bannon, Charles O'Bannon, Tyus Edney,and George Zidek.

What was the longest mens ncaa basketball streak before ucla?

"60 games by the 1955-57 University of San Francisco squad led by Bill Russell"

What three players led NCAA division 1 men's basketball in scoring and rebounding in the same year?

xavier mcdaniel , Kurt thomas and hank gathers

What is the record for team points in an NCAA basketball game?

Loyola Marymount scored 186 points against US International on 01/05/91. US International scored 140 points, led by Kevin Bradshaw with 72 points. Loyola Marymount, led by Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble, also scored 181 points on 01/31/89 against US International. The all-division NCAA record is held by Troy State in 1992 when they were still a Division Two school. Troy scored 258 points in one game against DeVry of Georgia on 01/12/92. Score was 258 to 141. Troy State made 102 field goals (51 three-pointers) in 190 attempts.

Who was the leading scorer in college basketball in 1960?

Oscar Robertson of Cincinatti led division one with 1011 points and a 33.7 average.

All time best high school basketball team?

1982-83 Decatur High GA led by Melvin "Hollywood"Howard

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