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Tom Nichol.

Nichol, a freshman, kicked three field goals in Iowa's 9-7 victory over Michigan in Ann Arbor.

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Q: Who kicked the winning field goal for Iowa in the 1981 Iowa versus Michigan game?
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Who kicked the winning field goal in nfl's longest game?

Garo Yepremian

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Jim O'Brien kicked the game winning field goal for the Baltimore Colts in Super bowl 5.

What kicker kicked the most game winning field goals?

As of my knowledge, as of the end of the 2020 NFL season, Adam Vinatieri holds the record for the most game-winning field goals in NFL history with 29 made field goals.

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The first ever game in the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry was played at Regents Field in Ann Arbor in 1897 with Michigan winning 34-0. At the time, Regents Field held about 800 fans.

How many points is a drop-kick field goal worth in the NFL if it is not after a touchdown?

A field goal is worth three points regardless of whether it is place kicked or drop kicked.

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Longest Successful College Field Goal - 69 Yards The longest field goal ever was one one of 69 yards by Ove Johansson for NAIA College Football's Abilene Christian versus East Texas State on October 16,1976. It was kicked from a 2" tee in Shotwell Stadium in Abilene, Texas. Longest Successful NFL Field Goal - 63 Yards 63 yards by Tom Dempsey for the New Orleans Saints versus the Detroit Lions on November 8, 1970 63 yards by Jason Elam for the Denver Broncos versus the Jacksonville Jaguars on October 25, 1998 It is Tom Dempsey for New Orleans in 1970 and Jason Elam for Denver in 1998. Elam tied Dempsey's record (63 yards) that stood for almost 30 years. In 2006 Matt Bryant of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicked a 62 yard field goal against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Rolf Benirschke. Benirschke's 29 yard field goal in OT gave the Chargers a 41-38 victory over the Dolphins in the Division round of the playoffs on January 2, 1982.

Who won the 1980 Rose Bowl?

Eric Hipp of USC (originally from Riordan High school of San Francisco) kicked the winning field goal to make the score 17 to 16 USC with the win!

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green bay won the toss and received against the chiefs

Who kicked the longest field goal for the University of Wisconsin?