Who is wilt chamberlian?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Wilt Chamberlain was a very famous Basketball player, also known as Wilt the Stilt, who in his autobiography claimed to have had sex with 50,000 women, one of the most remarkable boasts in human history.

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Q: Who is wilt chamberlian?
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Who has the most points in One?

wilt chamberlian

Most points single game?

100 Points by Wilt Chamberlian

What is the highest amount of points scored in basketball history?

1oo by wilt chamberlian

At what age did wilt chamberlian die?

He died in !999 at the age of 63 in his sleep from cardiac arrest.

Most points one player has scored in a NBA regular season?

Wilt Chamberlian 100pts

Who scord the most points in basketball in one game?

Wilt Chamberlian scored 100 points agains the (then) Phildaelphia Warriors in 1962.

What LA Lakers player might have played for Chicago if the Bulls had called tails in a 1970 NBA coin toss?

wilt chamberlian

Who holds the record for the most points scored in a NBA?

I beleive Wilt Chamberlain had the most points as a rookie

What is the highest score one player made in basketball?

The all time leading scorer in NBA history is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 38,387 points.

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