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1oo by wilt chamberlian

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Q: What is the highest amount of points scored in basketball history?
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What was the highest team score in college basketball history?

134 points Duke in 2002.

What was the highest score in a mans basketball game?

186 points by Detroit.

Who is the highest points in NBA history?

Wilt Chamberlan. 100 points

Who has the most points in duke basketball history?

J.J. Redick

What basketball player scored the most points in mens duke basketball history?

J.J. Redick

Who is the highest personal score in basketball?

100 points, made by Wilt Chamberlain

What is highest points Michael Jordan ever score in a basketball game?

69 points against the Boston celtics

Who has scored the most points in Olympic history in basketball?

lebron james

Who scored highest basketball points in a season?

Wilt Chamberlain with 4,029 points.

What basketball player playing today has the highest single game points?

kobe byrant

What is the highest score ever reached by a single player in a basketball game?

100 points

What is the highest amount a volleyball player can get?

you play to 25 points but have to win by 2 points