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billy bob

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Q: Who is the youngest soccer player to play for Italy's national team?
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Italys national sport?

Fut'bol (soccer)

Who is Italys best soccer player?

Nikhil Vardya is the best. Rishi Vardya is fat.

Who is italys soccer goalie?

Gianluigi Buffon

Who was the youngest soccer player to debut?

freddy adu

Who is the youngest player in international soccer?

yo mom was

Who was the youngest soccer player to in a world cup?


Who is the best youngest soccer player that has ever lived?


What is Italy's traditional sport?

soccer would have to be italys traditional sport. = =

Who's the youngest female soccer player ever?

My 4 year old plays soccer with me

Who is the youngest 2012 world best soccer player?

Jake Varapodio

What soccer player holds the record for being the youngest player in the 100 league?

Eduardo Losoyo

The last soccer world cup win?

It was Italys win over France on penalties.