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My 4 year old plays soccer with me

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Q: Who's the youngest female soccer player ever?
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Whos the shortest soccer player?


Whos the richest soccer player?

Omar Bravo is the richest Soccer Player... RONALDINHO and ronaldo

Whos the worst soccer player ever?


Whos best soccer player?

ronaldo and no one else

Whos your favorite soccer player?

I like Robin Van Persie.

Whos the best soccer player on Australia?

The best soccer player on Australia is Tim Cahill.The answer may change if years go by.

Whos the most popular soccer player in the world?

David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Whos is the youngest player in the NBA?

Derrick Favors is currently the youngest player in the NBA. Being born on July 15, 1991, he is the only 19 year old in the NBA.

Whos the best soccer player in Italy?

Wesley Sneidjer no.10 for Inter Milan and is from Holland

What is the name of the famous French soccer player whos initials are zz?

Zinedine Yazid Zidane

Whos the greatest soccer player?

pele although there is others such as maradona, messi, rooney, and ronaldo. there are many others but pele reveloutionised soccer

Whos the best soccer player of all time?

Pele or zidane

Whos is the best soccer player on earth?

Messi who plays Attacking Midfield or Forward for FC Barcelona and Argentina

Whos the youngest RAW Diva?

kelly kelly 19

According to FIFA whos the best soccer player in the world?

According to FIFA, Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona and Argentina is the best soccer player in the world right now, as he won the fifa player of the year for 2009 and 2010.

Whos 5 on the US Girls Soccer Team?

Lindsay Tarpley

Whos better Mexico or US at soccer?

Mexico of course usa sucks

Whos considered the best soccer player?

At the minute, Lionel Messi, plays for Barcelona and Argentina, arguably one of the most gifted footballers ever to have played the game.

How did he become a great hockey player?

whos he

Whos's the tallest women basketball player?

Who is the tallest basketball player

Whos the youngest person ever?

It's not quite clear what you are trying to ask. The youngest person ever is the one who was just conceived and has not been born yet.

Whos the best soccer goalkeeper in the world?

Personally I'd have to say Julio Cesar. He is incredible.

Whos's the tallest college basketball player?


Whos saints best player?

Artur boruc

Whos the best bakugan player in the world?