Who is the youngest player in Brazil?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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who is the youngest player in brazil204

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Q: Who is the youngest player in Brazil?
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Who is the youngest player to play in the world cup?

"Pele" or Edson Arantez Do Nascimento. he played for Brazil in the 1958 Fifa World Cup against Sweden.

Which 2010 world cup squad has the youngest average age?


Youngest player to play in world cup finals?

According to FIFA the youngest player in a world cup game was Mario Mendez of Uruguay, who played at the 1954 tournament at the age of 16 years, 1 month and 5 days. The youngest player in the round of finals was midfielder/striker Norman Whiteside (Northern Ireland vs Yugoslavia 1982) at 17 years 41 days. The youngest player to appear in the final game was Pele (Brazil vs Sweden 1958) at 17 years 249 days.

Youngest English ashes player in the 2009?

the youngest englsh player is bob peters

Who is the youngest player to win the FIFA World Cup?

Norman Whiteside ( Northern Ireland, vs Yugoslavia, 1982) was the youngest to play in aworld cup football match at the age of 17 yrs and 41 days.

Was Kobe the youngest player in the NBA in1996?

Yes Kobe was the youngest player in the NBA in 1996

Who is the youngest player on the Montreal Canadiens?

Nathan Beaulieu is the youngest player (as of 2013)

Who is the youngest FIFA world player of the year?

The youngest f.I.f.A player is 22 year old Lionel Messi.

For which country Pele the famous footballer play?

Pele played for Brazil. In his first game he became the youngest player to ever score for Brazil (and any other international team at the time) and when he retired he had earned 92 apps and scored a total of 77 goals.

The youngest player in World Cup?

I don't think that there was really a youngest player in the World Cup history, but there was a youngest captain which was Fuad Amin of Saudi Arabia. I

WHO IS currently the youngest player in the NFL?

the youngest NFL player ever is Houston Texans DT Amobe Okoye

Youngest English footballer?

The youngest player to play for England is Michael Owen.