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chris coleman fulham

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Q: Who is the youngest ever premier league manager?
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Who is the youngest current manager in baseball?

In 2014, the youngest manager in Major League Baseball was Mike Matheny. He is not the youngest however. He is the 14th youngest ever.

Are there any managers in the premier league that were not profesionals?

No. To the best of my knowledge, Jose The Special One Mourinho is the only ever Premier League manager not to have played professionally.

Who was the first foreign Premier League manager?

Osvaldo Ardiles managed Tottenham Hotspurs at the start of the second ever Premier League season in 1992/93, to be the first non-British EPL manager.

Who is the youngest player ever to play in the premier league?

The youngest player to appear in the Premiership is Fulham's Matthew Briggs aged 16 years and 65 days.

Is josep guardiola the best manager ever?

yes because he is the only and youngest ever manager to win 6 trophies in one season including the champions league and the la liga.

Have Liverpool ever won the premier league?


Has Everton ever won the premier league?


Will Leeds ever get back into premier league?


Have Newcastle ever won the premier league?


Which team is the smallest ever in the football premier league?

Probably Wimbledon FC who were founder members of the Premier League.

Who is the youngest ever football league manager?

Paul Ward Darlington F.C. March 23rd 1987 aged 23yrs 189 days

Who is the youngest player currently in the premier league?

Jose Baxter made his Premiership debut for Everton against Blackburn on August 16th 2008. Jose came on as a second half sub against Blackburn to become the youngest player to have ever played for Everton and also the Premier league at the age of 16 years and 191 days.

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