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me Moneydud1 im only 12 years old i dont play online but i play Zombies alot ive made to round 1,009,674,532 with a ppsh-41 and a ray gun ,monkey bombs and electric fenses i only died because i was tired and it took me 1 day,5 hours, 23min and 42secs, yes i timed myself so email me at and we can play online i only play online by request i dont give my psn unless u ask

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Q: Who is the youngest call of duty4 player?
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yes it is

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Martyrdom is a perk in Call of Duty that when you die you drop a live grenade..

How can to people play call of duty4 from the consle on xbox live?

they buy a gold membership

Are call of duty4 and Call of Duty world at war made by the same people?

No, Call of Duty 4 was made by Infinity Ward and Call of Duty WaW was made by Treyarch

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Obviously, if you don't have call of duty4 and it doesn't have a disc there is no point and you only have the box, not the game so you can't play it.

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If you press start while holding the off button of your playstation your playstation will turn off

What is your first mission in call of duty4?

your first mission is to go through a training excercise and pass it in less that 20 or so seconds

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