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mike grant at 21 years old and 2 months, Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins at 21 and 9 months. Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks is the second consecutive young captain of a Stanley Cup champion, following the path paved last season by Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby who did it at 21. Toews turned 22 a little more than a month ago.

Who is mike grant? do you mean mike green?

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Q: Who is the youngest NHL captain to win a Stanley cup?
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Who is the youngest NHL captain to win the Stanely Cup?

Sidney Crosby, Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, won his first Stanley Cup 21 years of age.

Who is the youngest captian in the NHL to win the Stanley cup?

Sydney Crosby

What was the Average age of youngest Stanley cup winner?

At age 21 Sidney Crosby is the youngest captain in NHL history to win the Stanley Cup. Jordan Staal is only 20 and won but I don't know the actual record.

Youngest captain to win the Stanley cup?

Jonathan Toews

Who is the second youngest nhl captain to win a Stanley cup?

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How old was Sidney Crosby when he won his Stanley cup?

he was 21 he was the youngest captain in NHL history to ever win the Stanley cup his salary is 475 million dollars a year he plays with the Pittsburgh pens

Who was the last NHL captain to win a Stanley Cup with his hometown?

Mark Messier with the Edmonton Oilers.

Only player to captain two teams to a Stanley cup?

Mark Messier is so far the only NHL player to win the Stanley Cup as Captain of two different teams, the Oilers and Rangers.

What are the championships for NHL?

Stanley Cup

How many times has Sidney Crosby won the Stanley Cup?

Sidney Crosby has won the Stanley cup once, in 2009. He became the youngest captain to win the Stanley Cup, just under 22 years of age.

Why is Sidney crosbey called sid the kid?

my guess is he was the youngest captain to go to the Stanley Cup championships and win it

What is the name of the trophy that they play for in the NHL?

Stanley. The Stanley Cup

Why is the Stanley cup important to Canada?

Canadian Governor General Stanley donated the Stanley cup the nhl

What NHL players have been captain of two NHL championship teams?

One. Mark Messier. Captained the Edmonton Oilers and New York Rangers to the Stanley Cup.

What did Sidney Crosby do after entering the NHL?

Scored over 100 points in 3 of the 4 seasons he has played, has played in two Stanley cup finals and has won a Stanley cup. Also he is that captain of the pens.

Who is the youngest NHL player to win the Stanley Cup?

In the 1955 Stanley Cup Finals, Larry Hillman (Detroit Red Wings) became the youngest player to be engraved on the Stanley Cup at 18 years, 2 months, 9 days. Gaye Stewart held the previous record in 1942 at 18 years, 9 months, and 21 days.

Who was the NHL Stanley cup winner in 1997?

The Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in 1997.

What NHL team won the Stanley cup in 1989?

The Calgary Flames won the Stanley Cup in 1989.

Who will win the NHL Stanley Cup in 2013?

2012-2013 Stanley Cup Champions were the Chicago Blackhawks

What league can win the Stanley cup?

only the NHL

Are you looking forward to the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup?


Are Pittsburgh the best team in NHL?

No the Chicago Blackhawks are.. Best record in NHL history: 63W,11L and 8OT 11 Olympians 6 won medals: 3 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze Youngest Captian to ever win a Stanley cup: Jonathan Toews at 21 Youngest Defenseman to win the Norris trophy: Duncan Keith at 23 Youngest Player to win the Conn Smythe: Jonathan Toews at 21 Youngest Team in NHL History: Average age of 23 Most Rookies in NHL history: 8 Youngest Team to win a Stanley Cup Most Recorded points by a single player in Playoff history: Jonathan Toews78pts Youngest Player to score the Stanley cup winning goal: Patrick Kane at 21

Who is the youngest goalie to win a Stanley Cup?

Patrick Roy won the Stanley Cup at the age of twenty (20).

Who was the Pittsburgh Penguins captain last time they won the Stanley Cup?

Sidney Crosby was captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins when they won the Stanley cup.

What is the Stanley Cup for?

it is awarded to the winner of the NHL each year