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Q: Who is the youngest NBA player to reach 20 000 in his career?
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One player most points?

In the the most points in his career was Kareem Abdul-Jabaar with 32, 000 some.

How much money does the soccer players get?

On average premier league players can fetch up to £40, 000 to £120, 000 depending on what age and type of player there are, Youngest usally get below 40,000 wh ile players such as Gerrard, Lampard and Terry can fetch upwards of 120 000. On average i would say 70, 000 and then after tax what they really earn is £40 000

How much does a hockey player make?

Anywhere from $450, 000 - around $10, 000, 000

How much money has Roger Federer won in his career?

Close to 50 000 000 in prize money and alot in endorsements.

When do you reach level 15 on rumble fighter?

When you get 147, 000 Experience.

How far can a wild cat jump?

they can jump as far as 5000 meters hotizontal but vertical they can reach an altitud of 100 000 000 meters

What is Mariano Rivera's lifetime batting average?

In his career, Mariano Rivera is 0-2 (.000) in the regular season and 0-3 (.000) in the World Series.

What is the highest paid player in the AFL?

Chris Judd= $1 000 000+ endorsements. David beckham= $ 15 800 000+ endorsements.

How much did Terry Fox want to raise?

His goal was to reach 1000 000 dollars

Can Goku reach 900 000 000 10 000 000 leven Super Saiyan and how can he do so?

Umm No Goku highest is ssj4, if he went any higher he would turn to Oozaru ( the guiant ape) and going that high would destroy the universe

If you could drive through space at 75 mph how long would it take to reach the sun?

The sun is about 93,000,000 miles away, so at 75mph, this would take about 93 000 000 / 75 = 1 240 000 hours ~= 51 667 days ~= 141.5 years. Light travels at about 186 000 miles per second, so it takes about 93 000 000 / 186 000 = 500 seconds = 8 minutes 20 seconds to reach us. If the sun was to stop shining, we wouldn't know about it for a bit over 8 minutes!

How much does a pro baseball player earn a year?

tey probably earn R20 000 000 a year

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