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India is the winner of first t20 worldcup in 2008

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Q: Who is the winner of 2020 worldcup 2008?
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Who was the winner of cricket world cup 2008?

no worldcup has been held in 2008

Who is the winner of women worldcup cricket in 2001?

West Indies was the winner of women worldcup cricket in 2001.By Usama Javed

Who is the winner for world cup?

Spain is the winner of last worldcup.

Who is winner of T20 worldcup 2009?


Who is the winner of icc worldcup 2011?


Who is the winner of T20 first worldcup?

Uruguay in 1930

Who is the winner of icc t20 worldcup 2011?

India is the winner of world cup in 2011.

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Prediction of FIFA worldcup 2010 winner?

It is Spain as they are Euro Champions.

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The winner was supposed to be announced on NBC, Monday 24, 2008. Monday the 24th of what month?

What is the name of t20 cricket worldcup winner countries till now?

West indies and Australia

How long winner keeps world cup and how much they will receive return to the worldcup?

The winner is allowed to keep it for a short time , but it has to be returned back to F.I.F.A. The winner will get 30 million dollars.