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Pacquiao will win if he keeps out of the way of Hattons bombs in the early rounds ,probably on points or a cut

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โˆ™ 2009-05-02 10:00:07
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Q: Who is the winner in the match pacquiao vs hatton?
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Who is the winner in the match cotto vs pacquiao?

pacquiao won the fight after the referee stopped the fight on the twelfth round

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The winner was manny pacquiao by a majority decision

What are the release dates for Pacquiao vs- Hatton The Battle of East and West - 2009 TV?

Pacquiao vs- Hatton The Battle of East and West - 2009 TV was released on: Philippines: 3 March 2009 USA: 2 May 2009

Can you watch hatton vs pacquiao for free online?

Yes you can watch it on Sopcast. Yes you can watch it on Sopcast.

What time will the hatton vs pacquiao fight Start on the east coast?

9pm on the eaast coast pay-per-view

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if you live in the uk, the fight will cost £14.63 on sky box office. (channel743)

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