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The best goalkeeper of all time is Peter Schmeichel.

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Q: Who is the top scoring goalkeeper?
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What does a keeper do in soccer?

The goalkeeper prevents the opposite team from scoring a goal.

What is the role of a goalkeeper in football?

The goalkeeper has a very important role in football. The goalkeeper protects the goal in order to keep the other team from scoring a goal. This helps the goalkeeper's team have a better chance of winning.

What types of goalies are there and what does it mean?

Goalie is the abbreviated word for goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is the player in any team sport, requiring the scoring of goals, who is allowed to handle the ball or puck when trying to stop the scoring of goals.

What do soccer defenses do?

They try to stop the other team scoring, they defend the goalkeeper and the goal.

Why does Petr Cech like playing goalkeeper?

He just had a natural talent for it and enjoys it. He was once rated the top goalkeeper in the world.

Who is Greece's top footballer?

It could be their former goalkeeper or Koryagoniss.

What position does Jose Luis Chilavert play?

Jose Luis Felix Chilavert Gonzalez once played as a goalkeeper in the game of soccer. He is currently the second highest scoring goalkeeper ever. Chilavert retired permanently in 2004.

What was the top scoring RAF squadron of World War 2?

RAF Sqd. 249 based in Malta was the TOP scoring Sqd. or the RAF

Where is goal keeper allowed?

Goalkeeper is allowed in the third where the opposite team are scoring and the centre third depending whether or not its a adult or a kids game

Who are the top Defenders scoring in the premiership?

William Gallas.

Top scoring midfielders in premiership?

steven Gerrard

Who were the Top 4 goal scoring countries in world cup?

The top 4 goal scoring countries in the world cup ,are Brazil, Italy, Germany and argentina.

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