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It is most likely Ryan Giggs.

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Q: Who is the third oldest premier league player?
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Who were the Scottish Premier League winners In 1904?

Third Lanark were the winners of the Scottish Premier League in 1904.

Have west ham united ever won the premier league?

No, they have never won the Premier League. Their best was third, in the old First Division in 1986, the equivalent of what is now the Premier League.

Which football club won the Premier League in 2001?

Manchester United won the premier league in 2001. It was the third league title for Manchester United.

What football team finished third in the premier league?


Can you name the current Premier League player who has represented three top flight clubs been relegated with his first and third clubs and won a Premier League winners medal with the second?

Alan smith - leeds relegated , united - league , - Newcastle - relegated

Where did Liverpool place in the 20062007 FA Premier League table?


How many premier league goals has Henry scored?

Thierry Henry has scored 174 goals in the Premier League, the third highest of all time.

Who is the premier leagues third highest goal scorer ever?

Thierry Henry - 174 Premier League Goals

How often has team finishing third been promoted to English premier league?


What is the third oldest team in Major League Baseball?

The Cardinals are the third oldest team in Baseball. 1882. This answer is in regard to the same business entity regardless of name change and relocation. The Braves are the oldest.

What is the average salary of a pro soccer goal keeper?

Wage can depend on many factors such as the quality of the player, the team and the teams league position. An average Goalkeeper in the Top-Flight Premier League may earn between: £10,000 to £35,000 a week. A lower league third level player may earn: £500 to £2,000 a week.

How much is the prize money for English premier league second and third place teams?

85 million

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