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Novak Djokovic won the 2009 Barclays Dubai Tennis Championship.

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Q: Who is the tennis winner 2009 in Dubai?
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Who is the winner in Dubai tennis championship on fbruary 2009?

Dubai Tennis Winner 2009

Who is the winner of Dubai tennis championships in February 2009?

The answer is Novak Djokovic won the dubai_tennis championships in february_2009

Which tennis player won the Dubai Tennis Championships in February 2009?

Novak Djokovic won the 2009 Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships.

Player won Dubai tennis championship in February 2009?

Novak djokovic

When was Dubai Tennis Championships created?

Dubai Tennis Championships was created in 1993.

Australian Open Tennis 2009 Womens Singles Winner?

Serena Williams

Did novak djokovic win the Dubai tennis championships in feb 2009?

Yes, Novak djokovic did win it.

Which player won the Dubai Tennis championships in February 2009?

The mens singles winner was Novak Djocovik and the mens doubles winners were Rick de Voest and Dmitry Tursunov. The womens singles winner was Venus Williams and the womens doubles winners were Cara Black and Liezel Huber.

Grand prix Dubai 1st November 2009 winner?

Dubai doesn't host any Grad Prix.. its Abu Dhabi and the will is Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull

Who won the Dubai Golf Championship in 2009?

19 year old Rory Mcllroy was the winner of the 2009 Dubai Desert Classic. This victory made him the youngest golfer ever to make it into the world's top 50 rankings.

The winner of the Wimbledon Tennis championship in 2009?

Come on... it was Roger Federer. Epic 5 setter against Roddick.

Who is the winner of 18th sep 2009 mummy champ in Boogie Woogie a Indian telant show on sony entertainment?

Saba Barri from Dubai

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