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The tenants of Lord's Cricket Ground are Marylebone Cricket Club, Middlesex County Cricket Club and England national cricket team.

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Q: Who is the tenant of Lord's Cricket Ground?
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Where is the Lords cricket ground?

In London

Where is Lords Cricket ground?


Which was the first cricket ground in the world?

The first cricket ground in the world is Lords it was made by a man called Mr.Lords and Lords the cricket ground is in England where the game was made.

Which is the oldest Cricket Ground in England?

Lords Cricket Ground is the oldest in England.

Which sport will be played at lords cricket ground this year?


What is concidered to be the home of cricket in England?

The home of Cricket is Lords cricket ground

Which county is Lords Cricket Ground in?


Lords cricket ground facts info?

See the Related Links for "Lords cricket ground" to the bottom for the answer. My goodness, that was difficult finding that information.

Which cricket ground is known as mecca of cricket?

I think: Lords, England.

Which cricket stadium is known as the 'home ground of cricket'?


Which London ground is known as the home of cricket?

Lords cricket ground in the St.John's Wood area of London is known as the 'Home of Cricket'.

What are the second test cricket dates at Lords cricket ground in England in 2009?

Who was formerly head chef at lords cricket ground?

Ainsley Harriott

In which English city is lords cricket Ground?

peater van hastell

How many spectators does Lords Cricket Ground hold?

around 45,000

Which sport of London Olympics 2012 was held at Lords Cricket Ground?


Which is the longest cricket stadium?

Mcg melborune cricket ground in Australia and then second eden garden or may be lords in London

What are the dimensions of Lords Cricket Ground?

The present Lord's ground is about 250 yards (230 m) north-west of the site of the Middle Ground

When did chapter 3 live debut in London?

Take a short stroll down to the exciting arena that is Lords Cricket Ground. It's a bravura vista sight when you lay eyes on Lords Cricket Ground arena. It sports the most notable action.

How many double centuries scored Lords?

Lords Cricket ground is a cricket ground located in London. It is generally called home of cricket. There have been 15 test double hundreds scored at this venue. Joe Root of England scored the latest one in June,2014 against Sri Lanka.

Who or what are the ashes?

Kept at Lords cricket ground in London the 'Ashes' is the trophy played for between England & Australia.

In which sports stadium would you find the Long Room and the NatWest Media Centre?

lords cricket ground

What game is played at the lords?


Who lost the first Cricket World Cup in 1975?

West Indies won the inaugural Word Cup defeating Australia by 17 runs at the historic Lords cricket ground.

Are there any cricket grounds in London?