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Gary Briggs is the team doctor for the Utah Jazz. As I have watched Jazz games, he does his job very good.

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Q: Who is the team doctor for the Utah Jazz?
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Does Utah have a pro basketball team?

utah jazz

What was the first NBA team for Utah?

The Utah Jazz who were formerly the New Orleans Jazz.

Where is basketball team jazz from?


What is the name of the NFL team in Utah?

There is currently no NFL team in the state of Utah. There is an NBA team (Utah Jazz).

What NBA team calls Utah home?

The Utah Jazz

What team is AL Jefferson on?

Utah Jazz

Is the Utah jazz a basketball team?

Yes they are a basketball team.

How did the Utah Jazz get its nickname?

The Utah Jazz were originally the New Orleans Jazz. Jazz, the musical genre, is a huge part of New Orleans culture. when the team moved to Utah, they kept the name.

What sports team that starts with an u?

Utah Jazz.

What is a team that startes with he letter you?

· Utah Jazz (NBA)

What is the major sports team for Utah?

Utah Jazz is a professional basketball team in the National Basketball Association.

How did Utah jazz NBA team get its name?

The Utah Jazz were originally located in New Orleans, Louisiana, a city with a rich jazz heritage. The New Orleans Jazz were then moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1979.

What basketball team does raja bell play for?

The Utah Jazz

What sports team starts with an U?

· Utah Jazz (NBA)

Who has the shortest nba team name?

The utah jazz

Who designed the logo for the Utah Jazz?

The logo for the Utah Jazz was most likely designed by a team of graphic designers. The Utah Jazz logo has undergone four changes since the original design used in 1974.

Who is the better team the Utah Jazz or the Los Angeles Lakers?

It must be the Laker team.

What pro sports team moved from New Orleans in 1979?

Utah Jazz, formerly New Orleans Jazz, basketball team

What are team names starting with the letter U?

· Utah Jazz (NBA)

What is a sports team that starts with the letter U?

· Utah Jazz (NBA)

What is the value of a Utah Jazz team autographed hat?

Probably nothing

Who brought the Utah jazz to Utah?

Larry H. Miller brought the Utah jazz to Utah

When was Utah Jazz created?

Utah Jazz was created in 1974.

Which NBA team sold the most season tickets?

The Utah Jazz in 07

How much is a basketball signed by Utah jazz team worth?

Depends on the year