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Q: What team is AL Jefferson on?
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What NBA team does Al Jefferson play for?

Al Jefferson plays for the Charlotte Hornets.

How tall is al Jefferson?

al Jefferson is 6'10

When was Al Jefferson born?

Al Jefferson was born on 1985-01-04.

What position does Al Jefferson play?

Al Jefferson plays center for the Charlotte Hornets.

How much does Al Jefferson weigh?

NBA player Al Jefferson weighs 289 pounds.

What is Al Jefferson's number on the Charlotte Hornets?

Al Jefferson is number 25 on the Charlotte Hornets.

How old is Al Jefferson?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NBA season, Al Jefferson is 29 years old.

Where was Al Jefferson born?

Al Jefferson was born on January the 4th 1985 his current age is 27 years old.

What year was the first NBA draft?

Al Jefferson

What county is Cardiff AL in?

Cardiff, Alabama is in Jefferson County.

How much money does al Jefferson make?

haley love43

When was Al tadamon Basketball Team created?

Al tadamon Basketball Team was created in 1965.

When was Al Rayyan Basketball Team created?

Al Rayyan Basketball Team was created in 1970.

When was Al Rayyan Futsal Team created?

Al Rayyan Futsal Team was created in 2006.

Who is number 1 on the Brazil team?


What NBA team does Richard Jefferson play for?

Richard Jefferson plays for the Utah Jazz.

What NFL team does Tony Jefferson play for?

Tony Jefferson plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

What NFL team does D.C. Jefferson play for?

D.C. Jefferson plays for the Carolina Panthers.

What NFL team does A.J. Jefferson play for?

A.J. Jefferson plays for the Seattle Seahawks.

Who is al Jefferson married to?

Shirley Lewis from Wayne County, MS

How many sq miles in Jefferson county Alabama?

Jefferson County, AL is 1,124 sq miles (2,911 km²).

What did Thomas Jefferson and other Democratic-Republicans advocate for?

Thomas Jefferson et al advocated for a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

When was Al Sadd Basketball Team created?

Al Sadd Basketball Team was created on 1969-10-21.

When was Al Sadd Handball Team created?

Al Sadd Handball Team was created on 1969-10-21.

Will Team Ducks defeat Team AL West?

no yes