Who is the team captain of Brazil in FIFA world cup?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Q: Who is the team captain of Brazil in FIFA world cup?
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Who is the captain of Brazil football team in FIFA World Cup 2014?

Brazil's team Captain is Thiago Silva.

Who is the captain of Brazil in FIFA worldcup 2010?

Lucimar Ferreira da Silva is the current captain of Brazil National Soccer team.

For the FIFA World Cup which team is ranked first in the world?


Which team is participated in evey FIFA World Cup?


Who is the best team in FIFA 2010 world cup in Africa?

Brazil is the number 1 FIFA ranking team.

Who was the captain of the Brazil world cup team that won the 1970 world cup?

The captain of Brazil in 1970 was Alberto Pereira.

Which team won the fifa fair play trophy in 1986 fifa world cup?


Which team won the FIFA fair play trophy in 1994 fifa world cup?


Football team captain 1998 France FIFA World Cup winner?

Didier Deschamps was the captain of France in 1998 FIFA World Cup.

How good is the Brazil football team?

The national football team (soccer team) in Brazil is very popular. The Brazil team has won 5 FIFA World Cup titles, and they have also won 4 FIFA Federations Cup titles.

The Brazilian soccer team entering the FIFA World Cup 2010?

Brazil has qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2010.

Fifa world cup Australia's team captain?

Lucas Neill.