Who is the super injunction footballer?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Ryan giggs

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Q: Who is the super injunction footballer?
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Who is the footballer in the super injunction?

Ryan giggs

What English footballer got a super injunction this week?

It was the Wales footballer Ryan Giggs.

What was the meaning of the super injunction that started on twitter?

A super injunction was granted to an English footballer to prevent the media from reporting on an affair that he had. However, many users on Twitter spread the news of who the footballer was making it public knowledge despite the super injunction being in place.

Who is the footballer who has an injunction?


Who is premier league footballer in super injunction imogen thomas?

It has been reported that footballer Ryan Giggs had a 7-month affair with former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas.

What was the name of the footballer on Twitter about the injunction?

Ryan Giggs.

Who is the premier league footballer with a court injunction?

Ryan giggs

Who is the premiership footballer in injunction scandal?


Who is the premier footballer who has taken out an injunction against imogen thomas?

Ryan Giggs.

What are superinjuctions?

a super injuncction stops the media from reporting something a celebrity has taken a super injunction out on

Who is the footballer with the injunction?

Not going to get myself into trouble by answering that one. However, if you do a quick search on twitter or facebook you may find what you seek.

What footballer nickname is Super Mario?

mario ballotelli