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Ryan giggs

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Q: Who is the premier league footballer with a court injunction?
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How Can you Use the Word Injunction in a Sentence?

Court has issued Injunction . This Injunction forbids you to enter.

What is an dismiss injunction?

An injunction is an order by the court. An injunction of dismissal is just that: An order dismissing all or part of the case before the court. Since the question is fairly ambiguous: Dismissing an Injunction means a previous court order has been cancelled.

What is a stalking injunction?

An INJUNCTION is a court order to cease doing a certain action or actions. In this case - cease the stalking activity referred to. I tmakes a difference if the injunction was issued by a CIVIL court or a CRIMINAL court. If you violate a CIVIL injunction you can only be found in contempt of court and fined. If you violate a CRIMINAL injunction you can be arrested and immediately taken to jail.

How do you take out an injunction?

When a person is being harassed, they can file an injunction with the court. To file for injunction against harassment, you fill out the appropriate paper work the court requires, and provide proof to the court that the person is harassing you.

How do you get court to reinstate injunction of harassment?

There are several ways: At the trial court level: If the order dissolving the injunction has not yet taken effect, make a motion to have the court reconsider its decision to dissolve the injunction. If the order has taken effect but the problems persist or if circumstances have changed, file a petition or motion for an order for reinstatement of the injunction. At the appellate level: If you believe the court made a mistake in dissolving the injunction, take an appeal of the court's decision and ask the appellate court to reverse the lower court's decision and reinstate the injunction.

What do the plaintiff do if the defendant violates a Court injunction?

File a motion for hearing with the court that issued the injunction and, with proof of the violation, notify the court that the defendant has commited contempt of court.

Court order to stop an action?


Can a injunction be reversed?

an injunction can be reversed on appeal by the court of appeal or the high court respective of which country you in. but all injunctions are reversed. john kamarabe

What is Negative Injunction?

Negative injunction is one of equitable remedies. "The court grants negative injunction" means the court order you to stop doing something. For example: if A signed a contract with BBC to perform exclusively on BBC for three years. A breached the contract 1 year later and signed the contract with ABC. Then BBC could sue A repudiated the contract and seek for an injunction. If the court decree the injunction, the order will ask A to stop perform on ABC. This injunction will be considered as a negative injunction.

What sort of sentence does someone get for breaking an injunction?

An injunction is an order of the court. To disobey it is Contempt of Court. The judge can tailor any penalty or sentence he wishes.

What decree does a court issue to prevent an action?


An injunction is?

a court order forcing something to happen

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