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There is a three-way tie for shortest female tennis players. The three players are Jill Craybas, Camille Pin, and Anna Smashnova, who are all 5'3". Anna Smashnova, besides having an awesome last name, has reached world #15, which was her highest ranking in her career. She retired from the WTA tour after Wimbledon in 2007. Camille's highest achievement was probably when she came within two points of defeating top seeded Maria Sharapova in the first round of the 2007 Australian Open. Jill Craybas is best known for her victory at Wimbledon in 2005 over Serena Williams in the 3rd round.

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Tallest female tennis players ever are Akgul Amanmuradova from Uzbekistan, and Eva Hrdinova from Czech Republic. They both stand at 6' 3" tall .

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Margaret Court

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Q: Who is the shortest female tennis player?
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