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Q: Who is the richest football player in Africa 2010?
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Who is the richest football player in the world as at 2010?

Michal Owen the football player

Who Is The Richest Football Player In The World 2010?

Cristiano Ronaldo

The most richest football player in 2010?

It is either Ronaldo or Beckham.

Top ten richest football player in the year 2010?

alli baba

The richest football club as at 2010?

The richest football club was Real madrid. Followed by Barcelona and then Manchester United.

Which is the richest football league in Africa?

South African PSL....Premier Soccer League....its worth about R3billion whick is 300million Ueros in 2010

Who won The Player of the Tournament at the 2010 South Africa football World Cup?

Portugal they have the best player ever

Who was the richest king in Africa in 2009?

the strongest aurgument goes to our lovely kabaka(king of buganda kingdom)to be richest king of all kings in Africa in 2010/2010 respectively. martin

What is the name of South Africa's football player that was in prison that was the cause of the Football championship 2010 in South Africa?

His name was Rushdii Jappieein and he got out of prison two years ago

What are the richest football clubs as at 2010?

The three richest football clubs in 2010 are 1) Real madrid, Barcelona and 3) Manchester United. But only Real Madrid has made over 4000 million pounds.

Venue of 2010 World Cup of football?

South Africa is the venue for 2010 World Cup Football

Where is football World Cup in 2010?

2010 World cup football championship is being played in South Africa

Which is the best football player in 2010?

Messi is one of the best football player in 2010. But some others were good too.

Where will be the football worldcup for 2010 held?

It was held in South Africa.

When will the next football cup will be held?

2010 in South Africa

Who is hosting the football World Cup 2010?

South Africa

Where will be World cup football 2010 held in?

South Africa

In which contienent was the 2010 world football cup held in?


Fifa 2010 world cup football will be held at?

South Africa will be the hosts in 2010.

Where football was made for world cup 2010?

South Africa hosted the WC 2010.

Who is the best football player 2010?


Who is the richest rapper 2010?

The richest rapper for 2010 is -50 cent

Which country will host the 2010 football world cup?

south Africa

Which country is the host of the 2010 football world cup?

It is South Africa.

What year did south Africa host the football world cup?