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Q: Who is the person that faces the bowler?
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What is in off in cricket?

Your question cannot be understood, but if you are asking what is "Off Side in the game of Cricket" , the answer is: For a right handed batsman, the off side is to his right as he faces the bowler. For a left handed batsman, the off side is to his left as he faces the bowler.

Where can a person find a variety of bowler hats for sale?

There are many different online stores which sell bowler hats, with a variety of different prices. Alternatively, various shops on most high streets also sell bowler hats.

Who do you think is the batsman in cricket?

A batsman is the person who has to hit the ball bowled at him by the bowler.

What are bowler city prices?

it is $10 for 3 games per person it really cheap

One person said that a triangular prism has 5 faces that is right then another person siad that it has 4 faces how is righ?

Triangular prisms always have five faces.

Who is the World's greatest cricket bowler?

Pakistani Bowler Wasim Akram and Australian Bowler Glenn mcgrath is the best bowler in the world ever.

Who is the fastest bowler in history of circket?

The Pakistani Bowler Sohaib Akter is the fastest bowler in the world

What is the birth name of Norman Bowler?

Norman Bowler's birth name is Norman Clifford Bowler.

What is the birth name of Martin Bowler?

Martin Bowler's birth name is Martin Douglas Nicholas Bowler.

Who is the fastest bowler in bessbourgh?

ravi is the fastest bowler.

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Grant Bowler is 6'.

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