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Q: Who is the only player who can score a point in badminton?
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Can your team score In badminton if it was not serving?

In real badminton, its just winner servers, meaning whoever got the point gets the serve. The other player(s) can still get the point even if they are not serving. The only time where the server is the only one who can get a point is in really really, unprofessional and amateur badminton.

Who can make points in badminton?

only the server can score points in Badminton games usually go to 15 points

How many player's can play badminton?

Only Four

Who can score the points in a badminton game?

any of the two teams can score though in the olden times only the team which was serving could score points

Can you only score in the serve on badminton?

No, there are multiples times you can score, for example, when the other team serves you have the advantage and can score even though they started out serving.

How do you win in badminton?

To win in badminton you can only score a point when it is your teams serve. To score points the other team must miss the birdie or have it hit the ground before they can hit it. Also if they hit the birdie more then once before it crosses the net onto your teams side then its a point for you. I usually play to fifteen points but the amount of points you go to doesn't really matter.

How many points do women play to in badminton?

Badminton matches scoring goes up to 21 regardless of whether the game is singles, mixed doubles, mens or womens doubles. However the game can only be won only when the player is two points lead of the other player and a permissable score up till a maximum of 30. 21 points limit can only be disregarded only when trying to attain a 2 points lead. Examples:21-19 is a winning score21-20 not a winning score; but 22-20 is; However30-29 is a winning score22-15 is a non-permissable score; 21-15 is enough to win the match

Who is the only player to score in the mersyside mancheser and Glasgow derbies?

Andrei Kanchelskis was the only player to score in the Mersyside, Manchester, and Glasgow derbies.

What is the connection between volleyball squash and badminton?

They're all played over a net.

How many officials are there in badminton?

There is only one official in badminton.

How many badminton officials are there?

There is only one official in Badminton.

How do they start scoring in Tennis and Badminton?

Tennis and badminton are actually very different. They don't score the same way. In tennis, it starts with love, 15, 30, 45, deuce or game. You always say your score first, then the opponent's. Love love, fifteen love, thirty love, fourty-five love. Deuce. Add in, add out. Deuce in when both sides have fourty-five (three points) If you play with add (or advantage) then you have to win two more points after reaching deuce. If you don't play with add, then after reaching deuce, you only have to win one more point. In badminton, you play to 21, and you score with normal scoring. 0,0 you would start with, whoever gets the point has a new score of 1. Much less weird :)

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