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Darren Anderton?

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Q: Who is the only player to play in the champions league premiership championship league1 and league2?
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POST WARWimbledon FC (Moved to Milton Keynes and renamed MKDons).Hull City **Notts County (oldest club in football league) definitely.Swansea (definitely in the English leagues though you may classify them as welsh).Coventry CityCrystal PalaceOldham AthleticWigan Athletic **OxfordNorthamptonCarlisleWatfordMillwallReadingSwindonBrightonLutonPortsmouth **Burnley **Preston NEBlackpoolBoltonBarnsleyBradfordBuryBristol CityCardiffWolvesPortsmouth **Cardiff (Welsh)Sheffield UtdSo not just ONE! but at least 30, 8 of whom start with letter B.** = Current premiership sideAssume you are ignoring when there was Div1,Div2 and then Div3 south Div3 north pre war as most clubs came up that way until Div1(Premiership),Div2(Championship),Div3(League1) and Div4(league2) current 4 pro league structure was formed in 1958/59.

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