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I think that would have been pitcher Warren Spahn, but corrections welcome to this answer.

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Q: Who is the only player to play for both the Milwaukee Brewers and the Milwaukee Braves?
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Where did Hank Aaron play baseball?

During his major league career, he played for the Braves (in both Milwaukee and Atlanta) and the Milwaukee Brewers.

Did Hank Aaron retire as a Brewer or a Brave?

Hank Aaron retired in 1976 as a Milwaukee Brewer, though both the Atlanta Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers retired his #44 jersey.

What number did Hank Aaron wear for the Milwaukee Brewers?

Hank Aaron wore uniform number 5 during his first year with the Braves in 1954, and wore uniform number 44 the rest of his carrer, 1955 -1976.

Which baseball team shared the City of Boston with the Red Sox?

The Red Sox and Boston Braves both played in the city of Boston between 1901-1952. The Braves moved to Milwaukee in 1953 and then to Atlanta in 1966.

What player played for both Atlanta Braves and the Cincinnati?

Ken Griffey, Sr.

Did the Boston Braves and the Boston Red Sox play in Boston at the same time?

Yes, there was both an American League team and a National League team in Boston between 1901-1952. The Braves moved to Milwaukee for the 1953 season.

What is a program from the Milwaukee Brewers Willie May's Roberto Clemente played?

The Milwaukee Brewers began as an expansion team in 1969 in Seattle as the Pilots before moving to Milwaukee in 1970. The Brewers were an American league baseball club until 1997 when the team was switched to the National league, where they play today.Mays and Clemente, both National league players would have never played against the Milwaukee Brewers. The Braves played in Milwaukee from 1953-1965, and both Mays (Giants) and Clemente (Pirates) would have played against the Braves but being on two different teams would not play in the same game. Your question needs to be tuned up but regardless the value of a program would not be effected by the fact that Mays or Clemente played in the game.The value will vary based on the team, and stadium the game was played, and a Milwaukee County Stadium Braves program would have a higher value. In general a Braves program from the 1953 -1965 era would be worth about $20.-$35. in excellent - near/mint conditionAs with all collectibles, condition is the most important factor of all providing that the item is authentic. With programs/scorecards the slightest flaws will bring the price down significantly. An exceptional mint condition scorecard could sell for more.Common flaws would be staining, foxing (yellowing), fading, stains, creases, rips, loose pages, cracked binding, and writing on the cover. Un-scored programs will generally sell at a higher price than a scored program but sometimes it doesn't effect value. The over all condition, and how well the cover displays will.The value on a "scored" program as opposed to a un-scored program can vary depending on the game, and collectors preference. In general I would say an un-scored program will sell at a higher price. Some collectors do not mind scored programs.If this does not answer your question get back to me with more accurate details of the program you have. For more information on vintage programs including one from the 1957 Milwaukee Braves, visit the links I left below.

Who did Hank Aaron Play Baseball for?

1954-1974: Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves1975-1976: Milwaukee Brewers The Braves moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta for the 1966 season.Hank Aaron played his entire career for Milwaukee.

Which baseball franchise is the oldest?

The oldest continuously run franchises are the Atlanta Braves (Milwaukee Braves, Boston Braves, Boston Bees, Boston Rustlers, Boston Doves, Boston Beaneaters, and Boston Red Caps) and the Chicago Cubs (Chicago Orphans, Chicago Colts, and Chicago White Stockings) - both were established in 1876.

When was the last time two teams with identical records competed in the World Series?

1958 when the New York Yankees and Milwaukee Braves both had regular season records of 92-62.

Braves is the nickname of what school?

Bradley and Alcorn St. both are the Braves.

How many brewer players have saved 40 or more games in one season?

Although Danny Kolb & Derrick Turnbow were both close with 39 saves (in 2004 & 2005 respectively) as of the 2009 season only 1 player has 40 or more saves in a season. Francisco Cordero saved 44 games for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2007.