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jorge cadete

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Q: Who is the only player to have played in the English Scottish Spanish and Italian leagues?
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Which player has played at the top leagues in the English Spanish German Italian and French?

Christian Poulsen

Which player has played at the top leagues -in the English Spanish German Italian and French?

The answer to that question is: Christian Poulsen

What teams in the english spanish german and Italian leagues have the average youngest players?

There are several teams with young players in the Spanish, English, German, and Italian leagues. This includes Manchester City, along with Real Madrid FC, FC Barcelona, AS Roma, Bayern Munich, and other club teams.

What are the 20 biggest professional soccer LEAGUES in the world?

Argentine Brazilian Chilean Colombian Dutch English French German Greek Italian Mexican Paraguayan Portuguese Romanian Russian Scottish Spanish Turkish Ukrainian Uruguayan

Which Scottish footballer is the only player to have scored 100 goals in English Scottish Leagues?

Kenny Dalgleish

What are the highest paid soccer leagues?

The highest paid football leagues are all in Europe. The spanish league is the highest paid. Followed by the English then the Mexican league. The Italian league then follows.

How many English managers are currently managing in scottish leagues?

too many

Who is the only player to have played in all English and scottish football leagues?

Colin Cramb

What are the top 10 highest paid soccer leagues?

In no order: English Italian Spanish French Russian German Portuguese American Brazilian Dutch

Which English Football Players have played in England Spain and Italian Leagues?


Which footballers have played for both english and Spanish teams?

There are many players who have gone from english leagues to spanish leagues or spanish leagues to english leagues but the most popular wouldhave to be players such as Cristiano Ronaldo Manhester United>Real Madrid Xabi Alonso Liverpool FC > Real Madrid Fernando Torres Atletico Madrid > Liverpool FC Emanuel Adebayor Manchester City > Real Madrid there are plenty more but they are some popular examples

What are the most famous football leagues?

The Barclays premier league, The German bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, The french ligue 1, The Italian Serie A

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