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ryan giggs

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2009-05-12 08:48:06
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Q: Who is the only player still playing who has scored in the premier and in the new Barclay's league?
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Who is the youngest player in the 2011 premier league?

Jack Wilshire from Arsenal is 19 years old and the youngest player in the Barclays Premier League.

Which player has scored most Premier league goals?

The Barclays Premier League's All-Time top scorer is Alan Shearer, with 260 goals.

Who is the oldest player in the premier league still playing in the premier league today?

Dean Windas

Who is the oldest premier league player still playing today?

The oldest premier league player still playing today is Dean Windass of Hull City. He is currently 39 years old and still playing in the premier league.

Who is the tallest in the Barclays Premier League?

The tallest player in the Barclays Premier League currently is Birmingham's striker Zigic (pronounced Zigitch). He is 6 foot 8 inches tall which is just 1 inch taller than Tottenham's Peter Crouch.

Which player scored the first added time header of the 2008 09 Barclays Premier League season?


Who is oldest player in Barclays premier league?

Brad Friedel currently aged 41 who plays as a goalkeeper for Tottenham Hotspurs.

Richest football league?

The richest football league is the Barclays Premier League. The most money, compared with other leagues, is spent on transfers and player's wages in the Premiership.

Who was the highest paid player in the 2010 - 2011 season of the Barclays Premier League?

The league's highest paid player is Manchester United's Wayne Rooney, on £250,000 a week.

Which united player was named the barclays player of the month for august 2010?

Paul Scholes has been named Barclays Player of the Month for August after a string of superb performances helped Manchester United remain unbeaten in their bid to regain the Barclays Premier League title.

Which current Barclays Premier League player has scored the most braces 11 without ever scoring a hat-trick?

Ryan giggs :)

Who is the oldest outfield player currently playing in the Premier League?

Ryan Giggs.

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