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Kerry Wood

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Q: Who is the only pitcher in mlb history to strike out 20 players in a single game on 2 separate occasions?
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Who are the players who throw the ball to batters?

This is the pitcher

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In Major League Baseball History 235 players have hit for the cycle.

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you have 9 players...3 in the out field, 4 in the in-field, the pitcher and the catcher.

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It is a matter of opinion who is the best or worst pitcher in baseball history. Also, there are so many players who pitched 1 game that it is difficult to judge who is definitely worst. Sorry!

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Is there a pitcher in MLB history that has 500 or more wins?

AnswerYes. Cy Young had 511 wins.

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The Pitcher and the Catcher

How fast do baseball players pitch?

The speed varies from pitcher to pitcher but the average is about 85-100 depending on the type of pitch thrown.

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How many players on a baseball team? You have 9 on the field. In the American League you have a desinated hitter who bats for the pitcher. Natation the pitcher hits. In the MLB you have a 40 man roster.

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The most famous negro league players were pitcher Satchell Paige and catcher Josh Gibson.

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Greg Maddux Pitcher with 355 wins

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Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver.

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Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver.

Why do baseball players use an open stance when batting?

To help them better see the ball from the pitcher