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Q: Who is the only person to win a champions league medal the premiership and the FA Cup and to be relegated from the premiership without going onto play in the championship?
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Who is the only player to win a champions league medal the premiership and fa cup and to be relegated from the premiership without then going on to play in the championship?

Steven Gerrard because he is the best!

Are watford the best team in the world?

No. They are second from bottom of the championship, are without a manager, and have a very good chance of being relegated to the first division unless they can find some inspiration.

Who has score most goals in the premiership without a penalty?


Most premiership appearances without scoring?

John obi mikel

Which premiership player went 450 appearances without a yellow card?

Shay Given

Did the bulls win a championship without Jordan?


Who was the first premiership team to play without a british player on the pitch?

The team could be Arsenal.

What is the Loudest stadium in champions league?

Celtic park, without question

On average how much do premiership footballers earn in a year without endorsements?

Premiership players earn an average of 31,000 pounds a week. The best players can receive as much as 250,000 pounds a week.

Ncaa basketball champions without a mcdonalds all American?

2002 Maryland

Which team has never been relegated in English football history?

There are no league teams still in existence that have never been relegated. Arsenal are the team to have gone the longest without relegation. Quite right. Arsenal were only relegated once in their entire history - in 1913. They were voted back into the top division in 1919 and have remained there ever since, longer than anyone else.

Did Dwyane Wade win a championship without shaq?


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