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The goalie is the only person that can touch the ball during the soccer game unless it is a throw in then the defence can use their hands to throw it in.

or the ref

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Q: Who is the only person allowed to touch the ball with ther hands in a soccer game?
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What is soccer the game?

Soccer is a game played on a rectangular field with net goals at either end in which two teams of 11 players each try to get a ball into the other team's goal by kicking, heading, or using any part of the body except the arms and hands. The goalie is the only player who can touch or move the ball with his arms or hands.

Which of these statements is not a fact about Anthony?

He refused to touch the conspirators' bloody hands

In Soccer can you throw the ball into yourself?

Can a soccer player make a throw in and then play the ball? No. Another player, either a teammate or an opponent, must touch the ball first.

What can a goalie do during a soccer game?

The role of the goalie is to prevent the soccer ball from going inot the net and stoping the other team from getting a point The goalkeeper is the last line of defense for his team. He plays in front of the goal, and many game situations can end up in his hands (or not) quite literally. He is permitted by the laws of the game to use his hands and arms to play the ball (with a few exceptions), and because of that he can catch a ball to control it, punch it away or put a glove on it to deflect it just enough to cause it to go over the bar or wide of a post. The keeper is also uniquely positioned to see a lot of things about the flow of play and can provide a form of coaching or leadership from his defensive spot. A good keeper who is "plugged into" his team's style of play will do some directing of play and of players. Lastly, there are those very rare occasions when the goalkeeper will actually leave his spot and come out of the box to play up field when his team is desperate for a score in the final minutes.

Are men soccer players better then women soccer players?

In general they are, and by some distance. The top womens football team would not compete with the top male one. The goalkeeping, in particular, is far below the standard of the male game, and women are naturally weaker than men. true- there is a difference in the style of play though. women tend to take their time and think through their decisions more than men. men play the ball 1 or 2 touch. No you dumbanus women play better soccer than men do and u can kiss my anus.

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What are goalies in soccer allowed to do?

goalies in soccer have i major objective: stop all balls that come near the goal. the goalies can touch the ball with their hands and feet, but arent allowed to leave their white box painted around the goal.

How come during a soccer game you cannot touch the socccerball?

You can touch it. Just not with your hands or arms.

What other parts of your body are allowed besides your feet in soccer?

You are allowed to play with your whole body in Football/Soccer. You may not touch the ball though, with any part of your hands or arms, unless you are a goalkeeper. So you may use your knees, chest, head and even back.

When can soccer players touch the ball with their hands?

The goal keeper (may be known as a goalie or keeper) is allowed to touch the ball with his hands and to pick up the ball as long as he is within the 18 yard box (also known as the penalty area). Other players may only handle the ball when it is out of play. This is usually either when the ball goes outside the bounds of the field, such as for a throw-in, goal kick or corner or when the referee has blown his whistle to indicate a foul or to indicate the end of a half. Note that during a goal kick, corner or free kick / penalty the player may initially position the ball with his hands, however once the referee blows his whistle to recommence play, the ball must only be played with the feet.

Why do soccer goalies wear different colored shirts than rest of the team?

the goalies wear different colour shirts so that the referee can tell between the outfield players and the goalie. If the goalie didn't wear a different shirt, an outfield player could handle the ball and get away with it, as it might bbe hard to spot who touched the ball.